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Following EFPIA’s Board meeting of 21 June 2010, Leaders of industry have asked that EFPIA coordinate the monitoring of European events, by setting up an on-line platform to pre-assess events in regard of EFPIA’s Healthcare Professionals Code, in particular assessing arrangements made in regard of its Article 9. Pre-assessment reports will be shared with corporate compliance officers, the National Ethics Groups in EFPIA member associations, and congress and meeting organisers to promote compliance with industry standards. The reports will also be viewable by the general public.

The purpose of e4ethics is to serve as a reference for the EFPIA members. Companies belonging to the EFPIA membership are encouraged to consult the e4ethics Events Database and should be mindful of the rules and provisions that apply when deciding to sponsor, participate or collaborate in an event. It is however the company’s individual decision to decide to sponsor / participate in the event.

The pre-assessment reports posted on the e4ethics website are without prejudice to full compliance with laws and regulations applicable. It is recommended to check the rules prevailing under applicable national codes.

The organisers of pre-assessed events and all EFPIA members will receive an electronically generated message informing them of the conclusions of EFPIA’s pre-assessment. Where appropriate, they can share their comments / observations in writing to info-e4ethics@efpia.org.


The e4ethics website is open and publically accessible.

The pre-assessment of events will be conducted following rules and processes described in the “General Information” section of the e4ethics website. The reports posted on the e4ethics website are valid at the date indicated on the report. The pre-assessment of events provided on e4ethics cannot, under any circumstance, be interpreted as a judgement on the quality or content of the scientific programme, or on the quality of the speakers.

The pre-assessment reports cannot be used to promote any event; nor can they be used for commercial purposes. The pre-assessment reports do not prejudge compliance with provisions of the EFPIA Healthcare Professionals Code when the events eventually take place.

All information and tools offered on the e4ethics website are available free of charge without the need for registration.


This website complies in particular with the “Guidelines for Internet Websites Available to Healthcare Professionals, Patients and the Public”, that are part of EFPIA’s self-regulation “Code of Practice on the Promotion of Prescription-only Medicines to, and Interactions with Healthcare Professionals”. Full text is available on www.efpia.eu.


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Information on this website is provided in good faith for information only. EFPIA has made all reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this website, but cannot guarantee completeness or accuracy of the information at any time. EFPIA accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on the e4ethics website.

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Following the Collaboration Agreement between EFPIA and Farmaindustria, as a mere project manager, Farmaindustria’s Code Unit (CODIGO) will have no liability to any person with respect to:

• − Pre-assessments posted on the EFPIA on-line platform after validation by the assessors appointed by EFPIA;
• − Events’ organisers taking action against conclusions of the pre-assessments;
• − Pre-assessments based on the basis of obsolete or incomplete information available on the events’ websites.
The disclaimer is not intended to limit EFPIA’s liability in contravention of any requirements laid down in applicable national law not to exclude its liability for matters which may not be excluded under that law.


EFPIA has signed a Collaboration Agreement with Farmaindustria (www.farmaindustria.es). This agreement covers the collaboration between Farmaindustria and EFPIA with regard to preparation of the pre-assessments and the IT-support provided by CODIGO for the EFPIA on-line platform to pre-assess international events sponsored by pharmaceutical industry and attended by HCP in regard of Article 9 of the EFPIA HCP Code

Editing Board

Richard Bergström, EFPIA Director General, Marie-Claire Pickaert, EFPIA Deputy Director General and José Zamarriego, Director Farmaindustria Code Unit.


The EFPIA “Codes Steering Group”, in particular member associations’ representatives, supports the Editing Board in the validation process applicable to the pre-assessment of events prepared by CODIGO, following the EFPIA-Farmaindustria Collaboration Agreement.


Farmaindustria – www.farmaindustria.es


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